Unlock your inner glow-tential with our carefully crafted facials designed for skin types I-VI. All facials include a facial cleanse with a hot towel, and a cleanser customized for your skin concern(s). Want to up your facial game? Ask our medical aesthetician about add-on services such as; Dermaplaning, LED Light Therapy, Lymphatic Facial massage, and more.

What Type of Facials Do You Offer?

Soothing Hydration Facial: Soothe itchy and dry skin with a deep cleanse followed by a SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque paired with LED Light therapy. The Phyto Corrective Masque is an intensive and calming botanical face mask made to rehydrate and soothe temporarily reactive, dry, or red skin. The LED Light helps the to soak the masque deep into the skin, whilst correcting fine lines, wrinkles and acne.

Fire & Ice Facial: This 2 step iS Clinical facial is designed for those needing minor skin resurfacing and retexturing without that ‘peel’ effect. The first step is the Fire: an intensive resurfacing masque that is clinically formulated to safely and effectively resurface your skin. The second step is the Ice:a rejuvenating masque that helps to soothe, nourish, and hydrate your resurfaced skin after the Fire. This is massaged into the skin with our cryo-globes.

Brightening Facial: The facial that will have everyone complimenting your radiant skin. First step is a deep cleanse followed by dermaplanning to remove unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin. The AlumierMD fruit enzymatic peel is placed over the skin with undereye patches. The gentle peel is designed to promote skin renewal, and minimize the appearance of aging.

Deep Detox Facial: Boost blood flow and leave your skin looking plump and naturally contoured with our lymphatic drainage facial combined with a SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Firming Mask and undereye patches. Lymphatic Facials have been proven to help detox the skin and unclog built up congestions. Pair that with the mask that’s packed with vitamin C and amino acids, to protect the skin from free radical damage, revealing a firmer, more youthful appearance with a boost of radiance. 

Refining Clay Mask: Say hello to clear skin with this AlumierMD Refining Clay Mask facial. Designed for those with oily, acne-prone and congested skin. The clay mask helps with decongesting pores and removing excess oils. This is a go-to facial for teenagers suffering from hormonal acne.

Enzymatic Resurfacing Facial: Don’t like chemical peels? This resurfacing facial is the right facial for you! Designed for all skin types and those with stubborn sun spots, hyperpigmentation and dull skin.

How Often Should You Get A Facial?

Every 4-6 weeks as it takes new skin cells about four weeks to generate and you want to wait for your new skin turnover before your next treatment

Who Should Get Facials?

EVERYONE! Here at Hydra, we offer multiple different types of facials to suit everyones skin goals. Whether it’s to help with aging, acne, or just a basic refresh. Our skin experts have got you covered.

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