Getting older can change our bodies in major ways. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, for example, can dramatically alter how we view ourselves. While we may feel young, our bodies can cause us to appear much older. The good news is that there are options available for addressing these aging signs, and no, they’re not surgical. At Hydra Med Spa and Wellness, we offer a variety of treatments, from chemical peels to XEO® laser treatments to help you look and feel younger. Book an appointment in Abbotsford, BC to learn more.


Photo of wrinkles and fine lines around an older woman's mouth

How Do Wrinkles and Fine Lines Develop?

Facial wrinkles and fine lines can develop due to a gradual loss of collagen. Repetitive facial movements and a lot of sun damage can also contribute to this issue, often making these aging signs more visible. The first of these three issues, unfortunately, can’t be avoided. After age 30, our skin’s collagen and elastin content declines more rapidly, leading to advanced aging.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

Easing the appearance of wrinkles can be easily done when employing the correct treatments. Here at Hydra Med Spa and Wellness, we rely on non-surgical options to help you get the skin you deserve. Our options include treatments like chemical peels, which offer short-term wrinkle reduction and longer-lasting options like cosmetic injections, which leave you wrinkle-free for several months.

What Can I Expect?

The right treatment for you will depend on your desired results and goals. Regardless of your chosen option, our treatments require little, if any, downtime after use. In most cases, treatments can be repeated to ensure your outcome aligns with the look you have in mind.

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