For that radiating, enhanced skin texture, our non-invasive LED light therapy works at a cellular level (especially effective to fight active acne, rosacea, and fine lines). The soothing, deep penetrating LED lights target deep into cells heightening their internal functions, photo-stimulating dermal blood flow, and creating faster healing so your skin always looks refreshed.

The Difference Between Red and Blue Light

Blue Light: Designed to help treat acne and other skin imperfections, reduce inflammation and minimize skin discoloration. The blue light rays destroy P. acnes bacteria. They may also reduce inflammation of keratinocytes, common cells in the outer layer of the skin.

Red Light: Designed to help target many skin concerns, from increasing blood circulation to minimizing scars and reducing wrinkles. By providing more energy through the light therapy, cells can work more efficiently to repair skin, enhance skin rejuvenation or boost new cell production.

Is LED Light Therapy Safe?

Yes, and it’s beneficial for all skin types. LED light therapy does not contain ultraviolet rays, like the sun, making these devices safe for regular use.

It’s painless, there is no downtime, and it can be combined with other treatments such as;

Commonly Asked Questions

“How often should I book in?” We recommend booking in weekly or biweekly to obtain the be

“How many sessions is recommended?” We recommend booking in for a minimum for 6 sessions in order to see the best results. Packages are available for this service.

“How long is each session?” Each session will be 20 minutes. LED Light Therapy does not include a facial unless requested. We ask that you come with a clean, washed face.

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